Academic Support

At Toronto Central Academy, we want to provide our students with endless possibilities to grow and learn. A strong foundation of academic support is just one of the few ways we achieve that goal.

Our philosophy when it comes to the education of our students is to provide individually targeted learning plans that are targeted to help our students grow and learn in all academic areas and as individuals. Thus, whether our students want to get ahead or need some extra mentoring to understand course materials, we are always poised ready to extend a helping hand. Our faculty of knowledgeable and experienced teachers is dedicated to helping our students do their best and reach their goals, whether it’s offering tutoring after school or on the weekends.

We also encourage peer tutoring among our students. This is where our students have a chance to take charge and step into leadership roles by helping out their fellow classmates. Not only does this foster a strong sense of community and builds teamwork skills, it also enables our students to expand their abilities beyond what they learn in the classroom, like the ability to communicate material in a clear and concise way to others.