Why Choose TCA

Here at Toronto Central Academy, we are like a small family. A family which supports, teaches, and learns from each other. In this intellectually stimulating and inclusive learning environment, students thrive and flourish into well-rounded, educated individuals who can overcome any obstacles that may come their way. But what sets TCA apart from other schools?

We develop our students’ skills and abilities by providing a comprehensive education that starts with the student. Rather than imposing one type of learning strategy onto all our students, we begin by finding what kinds of learning strategies and teaching techniques work the best for each individual student. By taking this student-focused learning approach, we are able to optimize the education our students receive.

Our small class sizes enable to us to focus more attention on each individual student, giving them the opportunity to develop their skills and to discover new ones. Not only will they learn skills that will enable them to succeed in class and in their future academic endeavours, they will also develop skills that will help them become more rounded individuals. Our experienced staff and faculty work together with the student and their parents to take a proactive approach that ensures the student’s needs are always met.

Here at TCA, our education and care for our students extend beyond the classroom. Our students will gain valuable knowledge, skills, and experiences that they will use and treasure for a lifetime.

Toronto Central Academy is the Best

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